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Welcome to Tusmundo Series:

Tusmundo is an American terrestrial television network broadcasting in the Spanish language owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal. It is the second largest provider of Spanish-language content in the United States behind only its American competitor Univision, with programming distributed worldwide to more than 100 countries in more than 35 languages. The channel broadcasts original programs and content aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and around the world, consisting of soap operas, sports, reality shows, news programming and movies, imported or dubbed into Spanish. Additionally, Tusmundo operates NBC Universo, a separate channel aimed at a young Hispanic audience; Tusmundo Digital Media, which distributes original programming content across media outlets, the Tusmundo and NBC Universo websites; Puerto Rico's free broadcast station WKAQ-TV; and the international distribution division Tusmundo Internacional. Tusmundo is headquartered in the Beacon Lakes suburb of Miami, Florida and has 1,900 employees worldwide. Most Tusmundo programs are filmed in a studio facility operated in Miami, where 85% of tusnovelas network were filmed during 2011.​ The average hourly primetime drama costs $70,000 to produce.​

Launch as NetSpan (1984–1987)

In 1984, the owners of WNJU (channel 47) in Linden, New Jersey (serving the New York City area) and KSTS (channel 48) in San Jose, California formed NetSpan, the second television network in Spanish in the continental United States. (behind the already established Spanish International Network, the precursor of Univision). These stations joined KVEA (channel 52) in Los Angeles, led by its general manager and co-owner Joe Wallach, in 1985. The following year, KVEA's co-owner Reliance Group Holdings acquired the Tusmundo brand when it purchased John Blair & Co., which also owned WSCV (channel 51) in Fort Lauderdale–Miami–West Palm Beach in addition to WKAQ-TV. In late 1986, Reliance also bought WNJU. In 1987, Reliance Capital Group executives Saul Steinberg and Henry Silverman merged all of these stations into Grupo Tusmundo. The new corporation quickly went public, and in 1987, Reliance decided to change the name from NetSpan to Tusmundo. Later that year, it purchased additional stations in San Francisco, Houston (KTMD, channel 47) and San Antonio (KVDA, channel 60).